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LumberMill, Inc. is a company which provides cutting edge solutions using information technologies (IT). For you, IT can be a method but it should not be a purpose. Our purpose is to find your method. We seek to acquire more information about these technologies over time.

Yosei Ito

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2003.07.01 Launched as a personal business.
2006.08.28 Converted to a joint-stock corporations.
2009.07.08 New office is established in Okayama.
2009.09.14 Relocated head office to Okayama(Akaiwa-city).
2011.06.20 Relocated head office to Okayama(Okayama-city).
2013.05.14 Re-relocate head office inside Okayama-city.
2013.12.10 Relocated head office to Aichi(Toyota-city).

Company Profile

  • Name: LumberMill, Inc.
  • Representative Director: Yosei Ito
  • Programming: Asami Toshimori
  • Chief Designer: Miharu Nishimura
  • Address: Toyota-city, Aichi, Japan
  • Business:
      Build applications, and then support them.