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  • 2016.07.07 Renewed the website(here).
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Company Profile

  • Name: LumberMill, Inc.
  • Founded: 2006.08.28
  • Representative Director: Yosei Ito
  • Address: Miyazaki-city, Japan
  • Corporate Number: 8260001011814
  • Business: Build and maintain softwares.


2003.07.01 Launch as a personal business.
2006.08.28 Convert to a joint-stock corporation.
2009.07.08 Locate a new branch in Okayama.
2013.12.10 Relocate head office to Aichi(Toyota-city).
2016.03.01 Locate a new branch in Miyazaki(Takachiho).
2017.11.20 Relocate head office to Miyazaki-city.
2019.01.18 Received the investment from Miyagin fund.