We are building customized softwares for our clients. Also have our own projects like followings.


It's fun, isn't it? We released some apps on Apple app store.

みやざき防災 since 19.06

We contributed toword the project on Code for Miyazaki.


Takachiho GO since 16.08

Seek the sacred places in Takachiho! You can take and gather photos of each places in this app. Even for the local people, it's not easy to find every places.


Englishoose since 16.07

English quiz of 4 choice. See if you have already known all of the words.


Automaze since 15.12

Escape from the computer generated maze! By tilting your device, control the ball, aim the goal. Your best score will be shared at GameCenter. You may train the skill to escape, or wait until a simple course will appear.


Read it out since 15.07

Reads out scripts which you type or paste to the text area. The speed and the dialect are configurable. Scripts will be stored and be able to reuse later.



Only available in Japanese.

Output is the most effective way to learn something. These books were written to use as textbooks for classes and workshops.


First edition: 16.02, Yosei Ito

iBookstore Amazon


First edition: 15.08, Yosei Ito

iBookstore Amazon


First edition: 15.07, Yosei Ito

iBookstore Amazon


First edition: 15.05, Yosei Ito


Ruby on Railsで作る

First edition: 15.04, Yosei Ito



First edition: 15.01, Yosei Ito

iBookstore Amazon


360 Dojos

A virtual bulletin board for various events.

CoderDojo Miyazaki

A programming dojo for kids.

We host the dojo once in a month in Miyazaki.

And so on...

We keep incubating some small projects for the future. Refer the following pages for details if you are interested in. We appreciate you for reading this page.

Our mission is to enrich people's life with information technologies. Information Technology is like a knife. It can be useful but also has a risk. We have to know how to use it, make it, control it.

Do it ourselves!