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Site -
Koikeya Create is a design company based in Toyota(Aichi). They specialize in high quality designs that helps connect people to other people or towns.
Coworking space 452 -
Shared office space located in Takachiho town. The desk and wifi connection are provided for 1-day use users.
LumberMill's Notes -
This is our knowledge base (and it may be useful for others). It contains tips for Java, Linux and so on for developing software and managing systems. -
There are various tips for learning English. -
We are incubating some projects here.
GitHub -
Some of our open projects are hosted on this page.
Demos for OpenCV Balloon Pong Drive Off Bugs Ball Hole



"Acornsnap" is a framework for supporting MVC style development. It runs on Servlet Container(i.e. Apache Tomcat).


"Cypress" is a dataase accessing framework that enables you to build CRUD application with few steps.
It provides "SQL Query Browser," "O/R Mapper" and so on.

Since version 3, "Cypress" was integrated into "Acornsnap".